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Corner store/Depanneur
Marché Soupson is a small corner store dedicated to serving the people of the neighborhood by offering a clean and friendly place to come get your groceries during the hours that fit your life style. Located in the residential sector of Alexandra-Marconi, Marché Soupson is a depanneur that offers fine groceries as well as a varied choice of fresh and often organic fruits and vegetables. Open until 10pm every day, we offer all the classic services that you would expect from a depanneur, including the sale of Unibroue/Sleeman beer, wine and tobacco.

Marché Soupson offers gourmet sandwiches freshly made from healthy and delicious ingredients prepared with care. Fresh quality meat is seasoned and roasted in store in order to never use cold cut meat filled with nitrates, sulfites and salt.
Working from the idea that soup nourishes not only your body, but your spirit as well, we would like to share this gastronomic sensation with the world, starting of course with our neighborhood. At the moment, we are proud to make a new soup every day of the week (that’s 5 new flavors weekly!!). Our soups are almost all vegetarian and are always made from a vegetable broth and fresh vegetables. The “cream” soups are in fact made from a cream of cashew that we have created in order to offer a vegan alternative.

Welcome et “Bon Appétit”!

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