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Weekly menu from November 24 to November 28


Monday: Tomato and Basil with Spinach and Wild Rice

Tuesday: Beet and Fennel

Wednesday: Red Lentil and Carrot with Potato and Toasted Savoury Spices

Thursday: Potato, Kale and Roast Garlic

Friday: Mushrooms, Wild Rice and Leek

Happy anniversary to US!


Marche Soupson is four years old today, and we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all the amazing people who support us. Thanks for all the love – here’s to many more years of delicious SOUP!

Weekly menu from November 17 to November 21


Monday: Sweet Potato, Cabbage and Lentil

Tuesday: Carrot and Cashew Cream

Wednesday: Tomato, Spinach and Chick Pea

Thursday: Mushroom, Potato and Fresh Herbs

Friday: Root Vegetable Medley

Weekly menu from November 10 to November 14

soup Monday: Tomato, Wild Rice, and Autumn Vegetables

Tuesday: Seasonal Root Vegetables

Wednesday: Classic Pea Soup

Thursday: Green Veggie Medley

Friday: Red Lentil and Toasted Spices

Weekly menu from November 3 to November 7


Monday: Tomato, Squash and Lentil

Tuesday: Beet and Fennel

Wednesday: Tomato, Cabbage and Beans

Thursday: Potato, Caulifower and Broccoli

Friday: Sweet Potato and Leek

Weekly menu from October 27 to October 31


Monday: Red Lentil with Carrot and Potato

Tuesday: Butternut Squash and quinoa

Wednesday: Tomato, Spinach and Lentil

Thursday: Velvety Turnip and Potato

Friday: Pumpkin Soup!

Weekly menu from October 20 to 24

Ticked-tabby kitten Friday with his mother Pansy in a hollow log

Monday: Tomato, Vegetable with Wild

Tuesday: Cream of Carrot and Cashew

Wednesday: Wild Mushroom with Leeks and Wild Rice

Thursday: Sweet Potato and Red Lentil

Friday: Potato Leek

Menu of the Week from October 13 to October 17


Monday: Split Pea and Spinach

Tuesday: Cream of Butternut Squash

Wednesday: Old-School Pea Soup

Thursday: Green Veggie Medley

Friday: Harira!

Menu of the Week from October 6 to October 10


Monday: Tomato, Vegetable and Wild Rice

Tuesday: Beet and Fennel

Wednesday: Mushroom, Wild Rice and Leek

Thursday: Zuchinni and Fresh Corn

Friday: Sweet Potato and Lentil

Menu of the Week from September 29 to October 3


Monday: Sweet Potato and Lentil

Tuesday: Silky Turnip and Potato

Wednesday: Tomato, Fennel and Quinoa

Thursday: Potato, Fresh Corn and Leek

Friday: Butternut Squash and Fennel